Sanita Sponsors Majida el Roumi & The Voice Concerts in Jounieh
Sanita co-sponsors Majida el Roumi & The Voice concert,as part of Jounieh International Festival 2014.

Sanita, Lebanese hygiene disposable and household products manufacturer, contributed to Jounieh International concerts on 7 July 2014 and 8 July at Fouad Chehab Stadium in Jounieh, Lebanon. For the Fourth year in a row, Sanita set up a pre-concert VIP lounge in an effort to support Jounieh International Festival and promote Jounieh coastal area.

Prior to the concert, Sanita representatives greeted and seated VIP ticket guests at the lounge, enclosed by two large walls branded Sanita “Shuf Halak b Loubnan”. As VIP ticket holders anticipated the concert while comfortably seated on couches, catering waiters and a bartender offered refreshments and snacks.

The VIP Lounge was set for 2 concerts;
Majida el Roumi concert: The concert was very successful and had approximately 7500 attendees. Sanita’s lounge was very occupied with VIP ticket holders for 2 hours prior to the concert.
The Voice concert: The Lebanese national Basketball team were invited on Sanita’s lounge and then they watched the concert. 3 winners from an Online contest held on Sanita’s instagram account “@sanitalb “ met with the National Team and enjoyed the concert afterwards with their single companion
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