Private offers Lebanese ladies 100 gold butterfly necklaces! Here’s the story!
Following the launch of its facelifted package design, Private, a leading brand of feminine hygiene products in Lebanon and the MENA region, is introducing its new, more modern butterfly icon to its female clientele through a promotional prize draw. The campaign offers Private fans across the country 100 gold butterfly necklaces crafted by the famous jewelry house, Antoine Saliba.
In order to win, participants need to buy Private Extra Thin, and visit a special landing page where they can enter a draw on 100 gold necklaces. What makes the prize even more enticing is the possibility of customizing it or having one’s name carved on it.
In parallel, Private ran an online campaign on its Facebook and Instagram pages, @privatelebanon, with the aim of boosting brand awareness, and generating more leads. A radio spot is also airing on major radio channels to communicate the promotion to a wider audience.

Seizing the Chance to Win
On March 19, 2019, Private announced 50 winners in the first draw.
Fans across Lebanon can still win a gold necklace with Private by entering the second draw. All they have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Buy Private Extra Thin
2. Visit www.winwithprivate2019
3. Enter the code on the sticker

Accessorize your feminine appeal with Private!

About Private

Private by Sanita is a leading brand of feminine hygiene products in the Middle East designed to grant women natural cotton feel, pure hygiene and ultimate protection. The brand includes Private Maxi, Private Extra Thin, Miss Teen sanitary napkins for teenagers, and Freshdays panty liners.
Private is a brand owned by INDEVCO Group, and manufactured in Lebanon by Sanita and in Saudi Arabia by Napco National under license by INDEVCO.
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