Sanita Participates in Lebanon Collaboration for the SDG’s Event
Sanita shares the company’s journey towards Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) during Lebanon Collaboration for SDGs’ event, organized by UN Global Compact Network Lebanon.

Sanita Division Human Resources and Administration Manager, Ralph Khoury, spoke during “SDG Challenge: Are You Ready to Take It?” panel during Lebanon Collaboration for SDGs event on 30 January 2018 at the American University of Beirut (AUB), Olayan School of Business in Beirut, Lebanon.
Khoury spoke about the consumer product manufacturer’s commitment to the inclusion of disabled persons in the workforce. The panel also included three testimonials given by disabled advocates. The event also launched ProAbled, an online recruitment platform, linking companies with those in need.

Sanita’s Commitment to SDG8
Sanita commits to the inclusion of disabled persons in the workforce, in line with SDG 8 for decent work and economic growth for all. 4% of the Lebanese manufacturer’s workforce comprises of special needs employees.
Sanita complexes in Halat, Hosrayel, and Zouk Mosbeh contain accessibility areas, safe passageways and signs to accommodate employees with speech and hearing conditions, Down Syndrome, and paralysis. Helps Those in Need Find Jobs helps HR and recruitment departments search, connect, and recruit the right candidates trained by NGOs and vocational centers. The online platform helps competent applicants facing social or financial challenges, as well as people with disabilities find jobs. ProAbled online platform covers several sectors, including food and beverage, customer service, secretarial work, construction, maintenance and more.
Partner vocational centers and NGOs include UN Global Compact, arcenciel, IRAP, IECD, Semeurs d’Avenir, ALEDA, shareQ and school for blind among others.

About Sanita
Sanita sal manufactures personal care hygiene disposable products, including baby diapers, feminine napkins, panty liners and adult care products at its plant in Zouk Mosbeh, as well as family care, household and away-from-home (AFH) products in Hosrayel, Lebanon. Sanita distributes products across Lebanon, the Middle East and North Africa under license from INDEVCO.

Sanita is a member of INDEVCO Group.


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